Dr.Badr Al-Jandan is a consultant in Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery. He received a Bachelors degree from King Saud University , Riyadh , Saudi Arabia in 1998 . In 2001 he went to Canada were

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The corrective jaw is sometimes called "surgical calendars". As the orthodontist corrects one or more teeth, the face and jaw surgeon corrects the jaw position or both, and because this process is accompanied by a change in jaw position, the placement of the teeth involved in this jaw will inevitably change. In most cases, however, correction is required .

This type of surgery is done to solve many functional and aesthetic problems caused by jaws or single or non-harmony of normal jaws when orthodontic treatment alone does not work.

Those who require this type of surgery usually suffer from non-applicability of jaws during occlusion or application without proper consistency or arrangement, either because one is larger than the other or advanced (forward forward), backward (backward backward) or Cause of teeth, causes problems during chewing and speaking, as well as undesirable appearance and difficulty of maintaining
Oral and dental health, these consequences can be summarized in the following points:

  • Chewing food with difficulty.
  • Feeling difficulty swallowing food.
  • The inability to pronounce some letters.
  • Occurrence of a vacuum between the upper and lower anterior teeth at occlusion.
  • Asymmetry between the sides of the face.
  • The appearance of the lower jaw and its upward elevation Chin.
  • Lips of the lips and the appearance of part of the front teeth.

Types of corrective surgery of the jaws:

Orthopedic jaw surgery - Orthodontic jaw surgery - Corrective chin surgery

Corrective surgery of the chin:

In this type of surgery, the position of the chin is adjusted either by moving it forward or backward ... or moving it up if it is long or down if it is short, and this is determined by the patient's ability to clamp his lips in a relaxed and the general appearance of the face and chin.


Orthodontic treatment: The surgical procedure may be preceded by an orthodontic treatment that usually takes between 6-18 months in which the teeth are adjusted to match their counterparts in the opposite jaw after surgery. The evaluation may require the removal of some of the teeth selected by the orthodontist, Choose molten teeth or molars of the mind.

Preoperative diagnosis: The necessary radiation and photographs are taken, which are of utmost importance to the surgeon, and measurements of the jaw are taken.

The procedure is then determined.

It takes between 9-12 months to undergo surgery until wound healing and bone healing, during which the patient needs regular visits to the clinic to perform follow-up and to ensure bone stability and wound healing begins after a week of the process, And to ensure the status of the bones and the correctness of taking the appropriate position necessary, then begin the final stage of orthodontic treatment, which includes accurate matching of teeth and put in the ideal position of dishes and then the treatment is terminated by giving the patient stabilizers for the teeth after the calendar.